Peoples Club of Nigeria International First International Branch, Sugarland Texas

Unity, Love and Service
Find out how our organization was formed and what we seek out to accomplish.
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Formed in 1971, Peoples Club of Nigeria International was founded by a small group of individuals led by Chief Titus I. Ume-Ezeoke in Aba (Abia State of Nigeria). The organization’s founding principle “Be your brother’s keeper” and the motto “Unity, Love, and Service” have been timely reminders of hope after experiencing the hopelessness that befell on the nation after the end of the civil war in 1970.

Growing extensively throughout the years, there already was a branch for the club in every major Nigerian city by 2000 with our main headquarters located in Onitsha, Anambra State of Nigeria. It is a privilege to belong to Peoples Club. Membership is open to all regardless of religion, race, or tribe. Our club is also non-political and non-profit.

We are an exclusive, elite social club with prominent Nigerians as our members. Such members are educated, eminent, and most distinguished Nigerians who appreciate and value the finer things in life. With a membership, the individual has the opportunity to expand their social network with like-minded individuals within an entertaining and relaxing environment.

The goal of Peoples Club is to offer its members a comfortable environment where they can grow and prosper socially. Our prestigious club does not get involved in politics. We avoid personal acrimony or animosity as much as possible.

Peoples Club of Nigeria International embodies and stands by the values of love, unity, and service from our formation, growth, and into what we are today as an organization.

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